Rose Rock is the nickname I’ve given the place I lay my head, whether that be at my home in Tulsa or in a tent on one of the many lakes that pepper the Oklahoma landscape.

Why Rose Rock?  Well, that’s simple.  The Rose Rock is the official state rock of Oklahoma.  It can be found in central Oklahoma and at one my favorite places to visit in southeast Oklahoma, the Ouachita Mountains.  Rose Rocks were formed 250 million years ago when shallow sea waters receded. Barite crystallized around grains of quartz sand creating rock formations that look like roses.

Now, to the other stuff that you might, or might not, want to know.

I love the outdoors.  Camping, hiking, biking and exploring is my way of escaping the day-to-day pressures of daily life.  I’m a photographer and avid storm chaser.  (I know, you’re probably saying “Who in Oklahoma isn’t a storm chaser?”)  There’s nothing better than travelling the back roads of Oklahoma to experience first-hand the kindness Oklahomans show native Okies and visitors alike.

My primary goal with this blog space is to share some of my adventures.  But I’ll probably divert from this subject matter on occasion and bring forward other topics of interest.  You know, it’ll be like discussing normal base camp stuff over a cup of coffee while sitting next to the camp fire.

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Welcome to Rose Rock!  It’s good to see ya!

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