Coffeyville, KS

Last Tuesday, we took a family trip to Coffeyville, KS.  My Mom’s birthplace.

For you history buffs: in 1892, the C.M. Condon bank was robbed by the notorious five-member Dalton Gang.  The gang was gunned down by townspeople during the robbery.  Emmett Dalton, the lone survivor of the gang, was sent to prison for his crimes.


Here’s a couple shots from inside the bank.



An old coin sorter.


The alley where the Dalton Gang tied their horses before the robbery.


You can see the bodies of the killed gang members through the window of the “City Jail”.  It’s a re-creation, of course.


The “Boys” are buried at the Elmwood Cemetery in Coffeyville.  The pipe you see is what the gang tied their horses to during the robbery, and their original grave marker.  Emmett Dalton was pardoned after serving 15 years in prison and he installed the headstone after his release.


The Dalton’s brother, Frank, is also buried at Elmwood.  Believe it or not, he was a U.S. Deputy Marshall and died a few years earlier in the line of duty.


It was an interesting day.  Not only did we learn about the Dalton’s, but we also drove by houses my Mom lived in as a child and visited the graves of family members.  Yes, some of them are buried at Elmwood too!


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