Let’s protest and burn the neighborhood down

I don’t agree with a lot of things in this ole world.  I think I’ll protest that fact.  No, there’s no real reason supporting why I feel the way I do, but I’m going to protest anyway.  In fact, I’m going to invite all my friends to participate.  I know they’ll do what I want, because I’ll convince them to throw away all logic and incite a protest based on misguided emotions.

How will I protest?  I’ll loot my neighbor’s house and then set fire to the house across the street from him.  I’ll block the streets, throw Molotov cocktails at other things I don’t own and then I’ll blame responding officers for causing me to do what I’ve done.  I’ll continue the mayhem when the cops try to stop me.  Then I’ll complain about the “excessive” force being used.  I’ll take my protest to Twitter and Facebook to show the world how I’m being attacked.  I’ll show the world how I was wronged by “the man”.  Don’t they know it’s my constitutional right to destroy my own neighborhood?

Does this sound totally absurd?

In essence, a similar scenario has been playing out in Ferguson, Missouri.

I’ll stand with people to lodge valid complaints against anyone who has done wrong – once I know the facts.  I’ll protest with my brothers and sisters, if that’s the best course of action – once I know the facts.  I’ll walk arm-in-arm with a community, if that’s what is necessary to get someone to listen.  But, let’s get the facts first.

In Ferguson, emotions have replaced logic and the investigation into what happened between two men a couple of days ago, has been tragically transformed into an attack against a community.  But, the attack didn’t come from outside forces.  The attack has been waged by the community itself.


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