Turning a dog kennel into a garden

A couple weeks ago, I was looking at the spot where I took a tree out.  I was ready to prepare the area for grass seed.  I’d brought out the top soil, rake, shovel and the seed.


Then something caught my eye.


At the back of my property stood the dog kennel, not used since Dancer died.  Now overgrown, it was time to take it down and clean up the back fence.

Wait!  Hold the horses!

Wouldn’t that make a great garden?  The fence would keep the rabbits and Liza out of it.  It’s a small enough area to maintain with ease, but big enough to give me some home-grown vegetables this year.

I looked back towards the area where the tree once stood.


If I moved the kennel fence to the ground needing repair, I wouldn’t have to prep it for lawn seed.  Then I could build a garden inside the fence instead of planting more grass that I’d have to mow.

So, with this crazy idea in my head, I spent a few days laying out a garden on paper to make sure cramming a one-person vegetable garden into a hundred square feet was a really good idea.  It might just work.

Once I came up with a plan, I headed to Lowe’s for the supplies.

I moved the fence and built a raised bed with cedar boards.


With the bed box built and leveled, I turned the soil and covered the bottom with about two inches of mulch I’d saved from the tree removal project.


Then I mixed over half-a-ton of compost and top soil for the beds.


After being delayed for a couple of days because of rain, I was able to get back into the garden to plant the vegetables.


Yes, I even have a little walkway.  (My neighbor teased me about that a little bit.)


I know it’s not very much room and it’ll never be a “prepper” garden, but this is what I planted in that small space.

  • 3 Slicing Tomatoes
  • 1 Cherry Tomatoes
  • 2 Sweet Banana Peppers
  • 2 Bell Peppers
  • 4 Bush Beans
  • 4 Cucumbers
  • 1 Zucchini Squash
  • 36 Carrots
  • 36 Green Onions
  • 36 Radishes

I’m sure I’ll learn a lot as I go, but I’m pleased with what I ended up with.  Now we wait and see how well it does.


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