Are you an I.E. user? You might want to re-think that.

internet explorer 11 logoMay 1, 2014 update:  Microsoft has begun deploying the fix via a software update today.  If you have automatic updates turned on, you’ll automatically get the update – even if you are using windows XP.  If you don’t have it turned on, you’ll need to force the update manually.


The department of Homeland Security has advised users of Internet Explorer to quit using the browser until Microsoft can fix a vulnerability that could enable someone to take control of a computer.  Yet another hole in Microsoft’s security.  They went as far to recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox until an update is made.

I’ve always been an IE user and using another browser is painful, but I’ll do it to protect my data.  I’m using Google Chrome for now.

Here’s a link to the security bulletin Microsoft released on April 26.

I can’t find anything from Microsoft indicating that an update to IE is coming anytime soon.  So, it’s Chrome until I can be assured the fix has been made.



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