Bundy vs. the United States

About the stand-off in Nevada involving federal land and Mr. Bundy:

This country is based on law.  ALL of the laws, not just the ones we agree with.  If one doesn’t like the law, get it changed.  If you can’t get the law changed, live with it.

Mr. Bundy has had 20 years (by his own account) to get the law changed and he failed to do that.  It’s time he live with the law that is in place.  The fact that Mr. Bundy’s ancestors have been ranching in that area since the 19th century doesn’t matter.  The land does not belong to the Bundy family.  It never has.

The parcel of land Mr. Bundy has been using, became federal land decades ago.  Bundy and his band of supporters are not going to change that fact.

Mr. Bundy? Pay the grazing fees you owe and keep your cattle on your own property.  At this point, that’s your only course of action.

Just my two cents.



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