A meal mom would be proud of

Okay, I’m a single male.  I don’t normally cook a lot.  But, I’ve always wanted to try making bread from scratch.  Worse case scenario is I throw it in the trash and tell no one about it.  No harm, no foul.

Then I thought if I were to bake homemade bread, I should probably cook a real meal to go with it, just in case the bread ended up being edible.  My choice?  Amish meatloaf.

Pretty industrious for a guy who normally eats delivery pizza, cold-cuts or something out of a box.  There’s always canned soup, right?

I sifted, beat, stirred, and kneaded.  I set it aside to rise.  Then I kneaded it some more and set it aside one more time.  I was excited about putting it in the oven, and a little apprehensive too.  There’s nothing worse than immediate failure.  Shockingly, I pulled the dough-filled loaf pan out of the oven and it actually looked – and smelled – like a freshly-baked loaf of bread.

My first made-from-scratch loaf of bread.
My first made-from-scratch loaf of bread.

Now on to the dinner.

I’ve made meatloaf before and really wasn’t crazy about it.  Too dry.  Too much tomato taste.  Weird texture.  But, I was in the experimentation mood.  The recipe didn’t appear all that difficult.  I mean, it did have a few ingredients and spices.  Not the quick meatloaf I’ve made in the past.  The bread turned out okay, this should too!

And it did.

I combined the bread with meatloaf, green beans and potatoes for a meal Mom would be proud of.

How was it?  Delicious.  I may eat a little better in the future.

Now, is anyone interested in cleaning up my kitchen?


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