The first winter storm of the year is coming

A foggy morning in Tulsa
A foggy morning in Tulsa

The fog rolled in late last night.  The temperature is unseasonably warm right now, but a blast of winter is coming and I’m not sure I’m ready for it.

Forecasters have been talking about ice and snow over the past couple of days, but I find it hard to believe when the weather in Tulsa has been warm and dry lately.  I really thought as the days went on, the forecast would improve.  Winter weather is typically hyped up at the beginning and then we’re lucky if the ice maker in the freezer works.

After looking at the forecasts this morning, my attitude may not be right.  I mean, it’s still early and weather-man-predictions will change.  But, more and more it’s looking like a winter storm is coming.

So, I’ll be spending today preparing for the storm.  You know, disconnecting and brining in the water hoses.  Digging out the snow shovel and ice melt.  Making sure I have enough food and meds for a few days,  just in case I can’t get out of the driveway or we lose power.  It’s happened before.

Actually I enjoy winter weather, as long as I’m prepared for it.  Psychologically prepared for it.  I’ll be working on that too.


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