Rose Rock Burglary

The front door was kicked in.  A complete replacement was my only choice.
The front door was kicked in. A complete replacement was my only choice.

A little over a week ago, someone kicked in the front door of my house and walked out with the TV and computer monitor.  I’m considering myself lucky.  It could have been a whole lot worse.

The computer was still plugged in and running.
The computer was still plugged in and running.

As you can see, they were in the process of disconnecting the computer when the alarm siren sounded.  I’m sure they busted butt to get out of there before the police and one pissed-off homeowner showed up.  (Yes, I showed up before the cops did.)

The cop said he estimated they were in and out of here in less than sixty seconds.

In an obvious panic, they grabbed the screens and yanked the wires loose on everything.  The HDMI cable ends were bent to 90° and the DVI cable for the computer was pulled out of the connector.

The backup drive was still plugged in and running.
I was happy this backup drive was left behind.  It could have been disastrous.

Yes, it could have been worse.  All of my camera gear was stacked in the corner of the living room and the backup drive with  my personal and financial data was still on the desk and plugged in.  They didn’t have time to go through drawers or closets.  Yes, I was lucky.

Needless to say, I was and still am a bit pissed off.  You know those thugs only got enough cash to get another fix for the day.  I’m out over two thousand dollars to replace what they ripped off and for replacing the door assembly.  If you’ve ever been robbed, you know the range of emotions I’ve been through the last few days.

I had to remind myself that an alarm system doesn’t keep someone from breaking in, it only shortens their stay.  I guess in that regard, it did what it was supposed to do.

The repairs have been made now and I’ve replaced what was stolen.  I’ve also made some changes to secure my property a little better. If they’re going to rip me off again, they’re going to have to work harder for it.

I spoke with all of my neighbors and I was the third burglary in the past few weeks, including the house right across the street from me.  You’d think with this fact, police presence would be upped a little.  No.  I’ve not seen even ONE patrol car in the neighborhood since the robbery.  We’ll have to provide our own security.

So, if you happen to be offered a 47″ HD television for a cheap price from a thug that looks like he needs a fix, it’s probably my TV.  If you buy it, give me a call; I have the remote control for it.  You might also pass on a little advice: glasses and remedial reading for burglars is a must.   They obviously missed the big green and white security system placard on the front of the house.


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