Update from Rose Rock


It’s been a relatively quiet week here at Rose Rock.  I took a few days off to re-energize and that’s been nice.  I was hoping to chase a few storms during my vacation, but that didn’t pan out.  Most of the severe storms were too far north.  So, I spent time balancing getting things done inside the house and outside the house.  I also took a few naps.  It is a vacation, right?

Last summer when I broke my wrist, I had to let a lot of the outside work go.  The surgery (2 plates and nine screws) prolonged the recovery and I’m paying for it now.  I’m playing catch-up this year.  The bushes in the back are overgrown, the lawns need intervention and I’ve decided I need to paint the exterior this fall.

The tree out front I was trimming when I broke my wrist – the same tree I paid someone to finish trimming – has died from the years of drought here in Oklahoma.  No, I’m not going to tackle cutting it down myself.  I’ll hire someone else to take that risk.

That’s one expensive tree.  One expensive DEAD tree.

The storm season has been relatively slow, but violent.  I’ve only been out chasing three times this season.  All three produced tornadoes and two of those days produced killer tornadoes.  The latest one devastated Moore, OK.  I was chasing that day, but I was in southeast Kansas chasing those storms.  Am I sorry I missed it?  No.  No I’m not.  What happened isn’t something storm chasers hope for.  Ever.

Scientists are looking at the reduced number of severe storms, but they’re also looking at the fact that the storms that do develop are more severe than normal.  I’m not too quick to blame global warming for the weather shift, it could be a cycle we’ve experienced before.  We’ve only tracked severe storms since the 1950’s and that’s not enough time to really see significant global patterns.  It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with to explain the change.

I don’t have any hiking or biking plans right now.  They were also put on hold after the injury.  I am looking at a couple options, but I’ve not made any definite plans yet.  I know I’m not in the best of shape to do anything too major.  I’ll get that back, with time.  I have a hiking trip planned for mid fall – the one I was going to take last year.  Other than that, I’m taking things one day at a time.  I’ll try to take a few days through the summer to get away, get some fresh air and vitamin D and generally enjoy what nature has to offer.

Today I’ve been catching up the laundry, vacuum sealing the beef I purchased a couple of days ago, and generally getting ready to head back to the office.  This week has gone by so quickly.

I’ll be putting a roast in the oven a little later.  The aroma in the house will be wonderful while it’s cooking and I’m looking forward to that.  There’s something about a roast cooking that reminds me of Mom’s cooking when I was a kid.  There’s nothing better.


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