Rush to judgement will backfire

Remember the women who were shot driving down the street by the LAPD because they thought the truck they were driving “looked like” the cop killer Dorner’s truck?  They were awarded a multi-million dollar settlement for the little mistake.

Another one.  2 young men appear on the cover of the NY Post.  The Post claimed the guys pictured were the Boston bombers.  Of course they were wrong.  The two  pictured had absolutely nothing to do with bombing.

A little more recently, a man in Mississippi was arrested by the FBI for mailing ricin laced letters to a senator and to the president.   The charges were dropped today.  Apparently investigators didn’t have any evidence to base the arrest on.  Of course, some in the media convicted him before all of the facts came out.

These cases are examples of the rush to judgement mentality we seem to have in this country.  Get the evidence BEFORE you shoot people, BEFORE you accuse them and BEFORE you arrest them.  If you don’t have the evidence, don’t take any action until you do.  Chances are you’ll be wrong.


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