Good chase yesterday

Yesterday was a day to chase severe weather here in Oklahoma. I’ve been chasing storms for several years now and it’s just something I do each spring.

Yesterday was a good day. I left Rose Rock after lunch and headed to southwest Oklahoma – the target area. I arrived in Chickisha and right into the path of a storm approaching from the southwest, with another storm right behind that one.

To get out of the tornado warned storm, I drove (quickly) south, ending up just north of Duncan. There I was able to see most of the storm structure and had the opportunity to feel the power of a rear flank downdraft. That’s the warm air being sucked up into the main storm, adding fuel to the tornado.

April 17, 2013 Storm near Duncan, OK
(c) 2013

After the storm passed, I drove back to Chickisha and found the main streets were flooded. Challenging, but not impossible to get through. It was after sunset at this point and I decided to head back to Tulsa.

The drive back was also challenging. Driving rains, flooded roadways and (amazingly) lots of traffic. A few vehicles had ended up in roadside ditches from hydroplaning on the standing water.

About 30 minutes from home, a tornado warned storm crossed the highway behind me. Timing is everything in storm chasing.

After 10 hours and 410 miles, I was home. I could relax now. No?

I was about half-way done unloading gear and the tornado sirens sounded. Rotation had been seen only a few blocks from my house. Those storms chased ME all day and then followed me home.

I finally got to bed around 2am.

Yep. I’m ready to go again!

You can view the photograpahs and read more about the chase on my weather site at


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