Latest on Boston

In a security briefing this morning, this is what is being said about the bombing in Boston yesterday.

  • 3 people were killed yesterday and 144 were injured
  • No other bombs were found
  • Bombs were packed with ball bearings to maximize casualties
  • An apartment was searched in Boston, no reports of who lived there or if anything was found
  • the London marathon scheduled for the 21st of April is not being canceled
  • No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the bombings
  • There’s no immediate plan to raise the National Security Level
  • I’m sure we’ll learn more today.


    One thought on “Latest on Boston

    1. as I light this first candle, bring from darkness the evil doers responsible, 1 candle, 2 candle 3 candle more, shine justice & light upon the blood which has been poured. north wind, mother earth & darkness of night fall-may those evil doers be bound to my spell & may poison rot into their bones as cancer sets in until justice has found, 1 candle 2 candle 3 candle bound. sincerely from the writer of LondenBerg by Lord Biron

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