Breaking: Explosions at Boston Marathon


The Department of Homeland Security has not raised our alert level.



Google activates Person Finder to help report and find people at the Boston Explosions. 


The president just spoke.  He didn’t say it was a terrorist attack.  Said the investigation is ongoing and will hold those responsible accountable.

Now it’s reported that 2 are confirmed dead and 100 are injured, some critically.

The explosion at the JFK library was, most likely, not related.  However, it’s being investigated.

Security is being beefed up around the country.


2 more possible devices have been found.


CNN reporting that New York City is on high alert.  Reports of 3 fatalities and several injuries.  It’s still too early to tell what actually happened, and you know how things go in these situations.  This is all preliminary.


It’s being reported that 2 explosions rocked the finish line at the Boston  Marathon minutes ago.  There are injuries.  This in unfolding.  CNN has live coverage.


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