Severe weather in OK, more threats from N Korea

I’ve been watching the weather here at Rose Rock…looks like we’ll see some severe weather later today.  Looks like the greatest risk will be hail and wind, but tornadoes are always possible with severe thunderstorms.  I’m watching it closely and making sure my weather radio is ready.  Of course my chase gear is ready to go if it happens early enough to go out.  I’ve got more info about that on my weather web site at


Here in N.E. Oklahoma, it looks like it’ll get here around 9pm this evening and rage on through the overnight hours.  The first major storm – or possibility of a major storm – for this season.


North Korea

North Korea is continuing the escalation with South Korea.  Now they’re telling “foreigners” in South Korea to get out of Dodge to avoid being in a war.  Remember, tomorrow, April 10th is the day Kimmy said to be prepared for.  It appears to just be more rhetoric.

In a NY Time article today, they wrote about the new threat, but didn’t really indicate they’re taking it too seriously.  This is how North Korea asks for financial help.  If we give in to their B.S., we’re idiots.  Like I said in an earlier post, let the people of N Korea starve to death.  NO FOREIGN AID!





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