Update from Rose Rock

North Korea

North Korea continues to ratchet up the rhetoric.  They’ve now told foreign diplomats to leave the country by April 10th because they can not “guarantee their safety”.  Is Jong Un giving us a date that the rhetoric will turn into a military confrontation?  At the same time, the United States isn’t saying much more.  Some folks are saying we’re adding fuel to the fire by responding to Jong Un’s threats publically.

Bottom line?  We need to be prepared and our military might needs to have a visible presence in Korea.  We need to be prepared for whatever North Korea is planning.

It doesn’t look like they have the capability of launching an attack on America, but some of our other interests could be vulnerable.   Diligence by our leaders is not only required, it’s expected.  I doubt they’re listening, but I wanted to get that off my chest.

dont tread on me 569

On the home front

At a time when law enforcement and prosecutors are being targeted for assassination, our wonderful Homeland Security organization continues to trample on our rights.  A report surfaced that stated DHS was spying on citizens during the, mostly peaceful, Occupation movement.  What a waste of federal tax dollars.

You don’t believe me?  The 2013 budget for the Department of Homeland Security is $35.5 billion.  That’s 52% of the $68.9 total homeland security budget.  To put this into perspective, the Department of Defense only gets $17.9 billion.  (source:  congressional budget office.)

Emergency preparedness and response is hardly funded and officials are complaining that that’s costing too much.  Really?  Of course, at $5.8 billion, the Department of Homeland Security gets almost 50% of that budget.  The department of Health and Human Services should be happy though.  They get a whopping $1.8 billion for emergencies.  No wonder during a natural disaster, we depend on non-profit agencies like the American Red Cross to help Americans affected by a disaster.  Our government isn’t doing it.  I have a major problem with this.

If I recall, the biggest complaint after 9/11 was lack of cohesive intelligence that if all the pieces had been known, could have prevented the attack.  So, to fix that problem, let’s spend about 1% of the budget for intelligence and warning.  That’s right.  $800 million dollars isn’t much of a 70 billion dollar budget.  Hell, you’ll lose it in the rounding!

Texas is saying that it’s possible a white supremacy group was responsible for the assassination of the DA, his wife and the assistant.  It’s also quite possible that the Colorado department of corrections director’s assassination was carried out by a member of a prison white supremacy gang.  Maybe DHS needs to spend more time taking down these groups and less time busting guys who grow a little pot, frisking old ladies and babies, and trying to deport someone for a barking dog violation.  I’ve not seen any indication that DHS is even investigating these home-grown terrorist groups.  Maybe they are and we just don’t know it.  But, it seems to me that if you wanted to get the public behind what you’re doing, you’d show us that you’re doing something important.

Oh, wait.  That’s not their job either.  My bad.  What is their job?  Here’s the org info for DHS:  http://www.dhs.gov/department-components. After reviewing the charts, I don’t see why they need 2B rounds of ammo and 7,000 automatic rifles for their employees.  Of course, I don’t see the National Police Force listed anywhere.  Is that department supposed to be covert?  Again, my bad.

Okay, you might say I’m being a little critical of DHS.  I am.  I’ll admit it.  I think we’ve gone too far.

Preps taking place

It’s almost time for severe weather here in Oklahoma and I’m finally getting around to preparing chase gear and getting my preps at home in order.  I have to admit, I’m taking more time getting my home ready than I have in the past.  Mostly because of what’s been going on in this country.  If we have gangs trying to take control of our justice system, then we need to be prepared for anything.  Both natural and man made.  Storms, riots, attacks, the return of Twinkies.  We already know that there’s not much in the coffer to assist us during one of these emergencies, so we have no choice but to plan on taking care of ourselves.

I don’t normally tell people what I do to prepare, other than I just do it.  I will tell you that I have enough toilet paper for a couple weeks and 2 full bottles of whiskey.  You know, the important stuff.



4 thoughts on “Update from Rose Rock

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

    And why would we want to investagate a group of racial folks that just want to be left alone? I see you want to pick and choose which laws should be inforced, instead of getting rid of the laws that are stupid. Yes, I hate TSA, but I also hate racist people. Being proud of your skin color doesn’t made me a terrorist. How about all the other racial groups that can be proud of themselves, but not allowed for white people? I do not wear a mantel of “white guilt” that some people are trying to force me to wear. Why not go after the latino gangs, black panthers, Acorn, democrats, instead of the constitution, religious groups, (read christains)? Maybe I missunderstood the blog.

    1. Tim

      Yes, I think there’s a little misunderstanding. I was only stating the current facts of a couple radical groups that are being blamed for the murder of justice officials. They obviously didn’t want to be left alone.

      There are good and bad groups of people out there. All sides have racists. All sides have radicals. Like you, I’m not taking any responsibility for things that happened to anyone years ago. I have no guilt in any racial issues. Because a segment of a group is bad, doesn’t make everyone bad. But the good segments can not – should not – protect the bad segments. If they need to be investigated, then investigate away.

      As you are, I’m proud of who I am. But I’m equally proud of being an American. An American that should always be backed by the full force and intent of the constitution. Sadly, I think the latter is being minimalized and tossed to the wind at times.

      With what we spend on Homeland Security in total, we could arm every man and woman in the United States and still have a few billion dollars left over. Personally I believe the amount of money we spend in the name of terrorism isn’t being used wisely.

      Spending homeland security money and resources to investigate protestors, or any political group for that matter, is misappropriation. If there’s crimes committed, let the existing justice system handle it. That’s why we have local and state law enforcement and the FBI. We don’t need a federal police force.

      That was the point I was trying to get across.

      1. 1wanderingtruthseeker

        Oh, Okay then I did misunderstand. I also hate the potically correctness of this country. It is tearing this country apart. Now, it’s against the law to hurt someone’s feeling or at least trying to be a law. If that is so, then where do I sign up? I’ve had my feeling hurt by sooooo many people.

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