Glow baby glow

Provided by the "official" N Korea news agency.  Used without permission.  Screw 'em.
Provided by the “official” N Korea news agency. Used without permission. Screw ’em.

The rhetoric out of communist North Korea continues with the statement that they are in a “state of war” with South Korea and they are daring the United States to intervene.  This comes after they aimed their missiles at Guam and Hawaii and voided the agreement with the U.S. that suspended the Korean war in the 1950s.

I wonder if Kimmy confided in Rodman when he was there recently.  Did he tell his buddy Dennis that he intended to settle the score with the U.S.?

Some leaders in the United States say Kimmy is just flexing his muscles while others are concerned about his mental health.  I tend to agree that he’s a nutcase and wants the world to see how powerful his little nation is.  Penis envy?  It could be.  Dangerous penis envy?  Most definitely.

I’m sure we’re taking precautions on the west coast of the U.S. mainland and Hawaii to avert any attempt of a strike.  We sent a strong message to Kimmy last week when we flew a couple nuclear capable stealth bombers within 50 miles of the North Korean border during a practice run with South Korea.

Unfortunately, we have no history with Boy Jong Un to gauge what’s he’s planning.  It could all be bullshit.  Then again, they’re just nuts enough to do something really stupid.

It’s time for the world to completely cut off N Korea.  If they starve to death, so what?  100% sanctions.    No diplomacy.  No nicey-nicey.  Then, if they step out of line, take final action.  On the bright side, if KJU pulls some boner move, you’ll be able read fine print in South Korea in the dark of night, lit only by the warm green glow coming from their north.


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