N Korea threatens U.S. with nuclear strike

Just before the United Nations slapped them with additional sanctions, North Korea leaders said they could carry out pre-emptive nuclear strikes against the United States.  In one article I read, Washington D.C. was named as a target.

Now, I don’t normally listen to people who spout such crap, but North Korea leaders are just nuts enough to try something that insane – even when they know it will be to their own swift and total demise.  It wouldn’t be the first time a nutcase tried to lead his people down the road to glory and all them virgins!

I’m not one to climb on the “end-of-the-world prepper” bandwagon.  But, in this case, it’s probably a good idea to monitor what they’re saying, in case the rhetoric coming from Kim Jong-un and his daddy’s cronies intensifies.



I’m less concerned that they’ll be successful in attacking the U.S. proper.  Our response would be severe and final.  I am more concerned that they’ll conduct attacks on South Korea in an effort to flex their muscles (well except for Kimmy boy, he’s kinda fat) and de-stabilize southeast Asia.

Prepping?  Maybe some.


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