Office 365 — solving the problem


I bit the bullet and subscribed to Office 365.  Everything went relatively well, with exception to Word and Excel crashing when I attempted to load a document.  Then I found that double click in PowerPoint can also cause the app to crash.  Figuring it out was extremely frustrating.  I am trying to be realistic, this is new software.  But it’s still frustrating.  I’m sure Microsoft will be coming up with automatic fixes for these problems in the future.

After a couple hours of searching for a solution, I found that a plug-in was causing the problem.  Of course, you have to start the app in safe mode to disable the little rodents.

I think it was the Bluetooth plug-in, but I went ahead and disabled the Google and OCR plug-ins as well.  I never use them so I won’t miss them anyway.  If you’re not sure, disable the Bluetooth plug-in and try it.

So…if you’re having the same problem I found, I’ll make it easy for you.  Here’s a link to how to start the apps in safe mode and disable plug-ins.

I hope all of this was worth the upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Office.

Update #1:  Another glitch appeared when I tried to access my account via Office 365.  Instead of opening my account in Internet Explorer (my default browser), it would launch in Firefox.  I know Firefox is a great browser, but I really have a lot of trust in IE and when it comes to security, I feel safer using the Microsoft product.

The only way to keep that from happening was to uninstall Firefox.  Once I uninstalled Firefox, the link opened properly in IE.

I rarely used Firefox.  It was more of a backup browser for me.  So, I doubt I’ll miss it.


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