Windows 7 video frustration

The more I use windows operating systems, the more frustrating things become.

My desktop:  It’s a Dell XPS 420 (I think it’s stoned) and I’m running Windows 7.  When I play audio or video, I get a ‘dragging’ thing going on.  I’ve updated drivers, that didn’t fix it.  I’ve searched for answers in an effort to fix it and have been unable to find an answer, short of not watching video on a computer designed for video.

My laptop:  It’s a Dell, 64 bit with Windows 7.  Recently, flash media in IE9 started ‘flashing’ on me.  Or is it a ‘flicker’.  Anyway, it’s not displaying flash video correctly.  So, my option has been to only use Chrome.  I found out today that there’s a bug that neither Adobe or Microsoft has been able to fix.  The solution?  Disable hardware acceleration in IE9.  Now that’s great.

There’s nothing more frustrating than computer problems. So, maybe I need to update my OS.

So, I went to update windows on my laptop and the update feature quit working.  Damn it. 

More searching.

Now that that’s fixed,  I’m going to begin drinking.


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