Apple’s Developer Conference

I just watched the keynote of the Apple Developer Conference (WWDC), which happened earlier today. 

The opening of the conference featured Siri. It was pretty funny.  You’ll have the watch the keynote to laugh a little.

Some good things were announced.  Missing was the iPhone 5, but I think we all knew that wasn’t going to happen this month.

So, that brings me to 3 things they did announce that I thought were great.

First was “Mountain Lion” the new update to their Lion operating system on their notebooks and desktop computers.  A lot of nice features will make the new operating system more like the iOS software and integration between your, let’s say, MacBook and your iPhone and iPad even more prevalent.  It’ll be available next month for a small upgrade fee.  (Microsoft can learn from how Apple updates their software).

The next thing announced was the iOS 6 release.  It, too, has some wonderful enhancements that iPhone and iPad fans will love.  The downside?  It won’t be available until the fall. 

They’ve updated their notebook line with faster processing and flash storage.  Getting away from the rotating hard drives is in the future for all computers.  I welcome it.  They’re also sporting the new USB 3 ports.

The big announcement was a totally re-designed MacBook Pro.  Retina display, flash drives, new fans, a really nice computer.  You can get into one for around $2,100.  But, if you want a more powerful machine, it’s one that’s really designed for the professional, plan on shelling out about $3,500.

I’d love one of them bad puppies.

Bottom line?  If you have a lot of available funds, you can cash in on a new laptop today.  Otherwise, it’ll be a few months before the new iOS and iPhone are available.


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