My May 15th photographs posted on the web site

Here’s the photographs from May 15th. I posted them to Aday.orgto support their call for photographs taken on May 15th from all over the world. I failed miserably at Project 365, but I figured I could do something for one day.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty typical day in Tulsa.  No storms to chase.  No earth shattering public events.

Here they are.

Early each morning I check the weather models and radar to see where the storms are.  Unfortunately, it was going to be a quiet day in Oklahoma.  This photograph shows the computer screen that morning.


Yes, I do usually drink my morning coffee from my Disney World coffee mug.


One of the things the organization asked participants to provide were images of our commute to work.  This is from my drive to the office, heading west on 31st street in Tulsa.  On a clear day, I can see the skyline of downtown Tulsa.


I work next to the airport and this morning I was stopped by a train.  Just my luck.


I work in a secured facility and wasn’t able to take photographs at work.  But, one of my co-workers mentioned that the Batmobile was going to be on display at the local Walmart.  A crowd had already begun to gather by the time we got there.


Here’s the Batmobile (Tumbler) used in the latest Batman movie.  I’m not a big Batman fan, but it was kind of cool.  My understanding is that the vehicles actually run.  The drivers had to train on how to operate them before they could start filming the movie.


And here’s what I later learned was the “Pod”, also used in the movie.


That was pretty much my day.  Would I participate again?  Yepper!


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