Chicago NATO Protests

I’ve been watching the protests in Chicago and it’s disturbing.  During the pre-NATO protests, the civil rights of some protesters are being violated by the Chicago police and citizen media is being targeted.  Yesterday, a CNN reporter said that the streets of Chicago were quiet, when the live feeds coming in from Chicago said the opposite.  Protesters were attacked and one was hit by a CPD van.

As I write this, Tim Pool (a journalist who has been streaming protests all over the country) and other “streamers” are, apparently, being harassed by law enforcement in an effort to stop their truth-reporting from Chicago.  Let me make this clear:  it’s NOT illegal to photograph or videotape anyone in a public place, including capturing images of peace officers while making arrests or acting irresponsibly.  It’s also NOT illegal to write the truth for all to read.

Here’s a just-released video of Tim and fellow citizen reporters being pulled over and searched by the Chicago police.

Don’t get me wrong:  I don’t agree with everything the Occupy movement has done, nor do I agree with everything they support.  I don’t have to agree with them entirely to support their right to protest and report the truth.

I do find it amazing that, just yesterday,  our government brought Chen Guangcheng, an activist from China, to the United States to protect him from his government.  Is Obama being a little two-faced?  Who is going to protect Americans from our government?

The NATO summit starts today and I’m concerned that peaceful protests will be replaced with violence by both sides.  Pray for peace.

You can follow the NATO summit live here:


3 thoughts on “Chicago NATO Protests

  1. I’m peacing outta the city too. The whole thing is over nothing really. If NATO was that secretive and that important, it would be at Camp David with the G8. The whole thing is a political game. And I’m not playing it. We shouldn’t be addressing their influence and giving them power, the real trouble for them is when nobody is protesting

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