Apple conference not totally disappointing

After months of blunders, hype and uncontrolled speculation, the Apple Developers Conference was held today. Much of the Keynote by the new CEO was a re-run of the address given by Steve Jobs earlier this year. But, it wasn’t a total disappointment. We, at least, got the date iOS5 and iCloud will be available to upgrade existing devices.

I have both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4 and use them both a lot (I’m actually posting this from my iPad). I was pretty stoked for the new announcements today, but I honestly didn’t learn anything from today’s conference that would motivate me to upgrade my hardware.

Instead of a totally redesigned iPhone 5, the 4S was delivered. Yes, it’s a better smartphone than the 4, but it’s not the earth shattering technology upgrade that’ll get me to ditch my existing phone. A better camera, HD video, dual core processor, a different antenna setup and Siri voice recognition. I guess if I still had a 3GS it would make sense to upgrade to the 4S.

Probably the biggest technology advancement announcement today is Siri, a creepy “Hal” like voice recognition interface that can carry on a 2-way conversation with you. Talk to your phone and Siri responds. Unfortunately she’s still considered to be a beta version.

I don’t think it’s necessarily a brilliant move to release a beta with a “new” product, but it is giving us a glimpse of the direction Apple is going. When the iPhone 5 does finally arrive, Siri should be out of beta mode and ready to take control of your phone, kill you and go on to achieve world domination.

For now I’ll upgrade to the new iOS5 on October 12th. But I think I’ll wait until the iPhone5 arrives before I upgrade my phone.


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